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The people have spoken! Power of Praise Vol. 1  is a musical gamechanger.

"Since 2015, the label has been able to link up with a bunch of hungry musicians to create songs that are both faith-based and family-oriented.  On Power Of Praise Vol. 1, the label’s latest album, they turn things up a notch musically."

- QD, Ratings Game Music

"Elmark Music has taken the initiative to provide an incredible opportunity to budding artists to showcase their talent."

- Alicia Parker, Daily Music Roll

"Expect consistently heartfelt, appreciative music, some R&B vibes, alongside plenty of that immersive Gospel, and masses of hearty songwriting."

"Mixed by Wendy City Productions and distributed by Grace TMG Street Pride, this album might be a breath of fresh air to some of us."

- Erick Ycaza, Electro Wow

- Rebecca Cullen, Stereo Stickman

"What makes this album astonishing though is that from a musical perspective, it defies stereotypes normally associated with gospel music. I have a ton of respect for traditional gospel music (and those who can perform it,) but I have to admit this is groundbreaking."

- Anastim Ducray, Stepkid Magazine

"While the thematic content may resemble what listeners typically find in worship music, this album strives to take a refreshingly fun, hook-laden approach, which is in contrast to a majority of slower-paced and stylistically similar modern releases in the same genre."

- Jake Kussmaul,

- Jake Kussmaul, Music Existence

"Believe it; the offered album is revitalizing the music lovers’ soul and warm the heart as well. Here, you will find authentic trap vibes, soulful vibes, old school rap, and west coast vibes."

- Deborah Thompson, SMC Entertainment

"Overall, I was charmingly amazed by the compositions as well as their execution."

- Bitgog

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